Free Food in DC

To make Democracy more Delicious, we need equitably free food. Especially in times of crisis: people gotta eat, and the taste is so much greater when it's free.


We bring free food to our monthly Delicious Happenings. But we want to make a resource for free food at all times.


There's lots of places to get Free Food, in DC and elsewhere, if you know where to look. One easy place to get food is from the lobbyists and politicians who swarm Congress and Capitol Hill - check out Hill Happenings to find what free food sessions are available each week day (you might have to listen to some boring policy talk, but feel free to come as you are).

If you're struggling and need a regular source of free meals, check out Food Finder to see what food kitchens and pantries are available in your community.

What other options are there for free food in the city? Sign up for the newsletter below and respond to the welcome email with resources we might be missing!