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An Outline for the Equitism Manifesto

We're using this global pandemic to write our treatise on an alternative vision as a framework for what we want to build with you, our community.

We want a political and cultural system nourished by community ownership, balancing systemic tensions, infinite play, and intersecting worlds.

We call it Equitism - another way of talking about the future that doesn't revert to the baggage of capitalism and socialism.

We honor the past while focusing on the questions and tensions of our future that might move us away from our current fragility, beyond resilience, and towards a lasting structural and personal strength.

Here's the beginning outline - we are still writing and editing and collaborating. If you have thoughts, let us know!

Book 1 - MYCELIUM (foundational thought network):



  1. Codewords

  2. Pattern-making

  3. Morality

  4. Knowing and Understanding


  1. Equity

  2. Probiotics vs. Antibiotics

  3. Community Ownership

  4. Balancing Systemic Tensions

  5. Infinite Play


  1. Storytelling

  2. Explaning vs Understanding

  3. Culture, Whiteness, Ethnocide

  4. Free People create their own meaning

  5. Dancification / Pattern-breaking / Transformation / Healing

Intersecting Worlds

  1. Rethinking Worlds

  2. Rethinking Tools

Book 2 - MUSHROOMS (fruiting bodies):

Beyond Raising Awareness

Culture as Strategy


Finite Goals

Systems not Symptoms

Cultivate Creativity/Gardening

  1. Ranked Choice Voting

  2. Co-op Incentives

  3. Liberate DC

  4. Equity Index

  5. Participatory Budgeting

Systemic Tensions to Balance

  1. Housing and Development

  2. Food and Waste

  3. Education and Learning

  4. Health care and Well-being

  5. Immigration and Cultural Preservation

  6. Free Speech and Intolerance

  7. Activism and Elections

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